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For all immigration forms in PDF and Word format please click here

Tips for applying for visas and any immigration service 
1. Sign and date everything with blue ink. 

2. Look smart and respectable; try to Wai everyone in the room even if they are not looking and Sawat Dee Krap when you meet and when you say goodbye. Thai social etiquette would dictate a Wai with your thumbs at nose level.

3. Make at least 3 copies of everything you need.

4. I would plan that you may need to come back the next day as you might not have everything this particular immigration officer wants. Immigration officers needs and requirements vary greatly throughout Thailand and indeed with each individual embassy as well. Try to check before going to the embassy or immigration centre and ask for the name of the officer you spoke to.
5. They never seem to take offense if you don't have what they want but they will take offense to you getting angry that they didn't tell you or you do not have it.  Ask them to write a list of what you are missing, they gladly will. 

6. Try to build a relationship with the officer; ask them how they are Sabai Dee Mai etc etc just be friendly. 

7. Act like you have a 'jai dee' (Good heart). Thai people have this innate reaction of kindness to others they perceive to be kind and gentle. This goes for dealing with anyone in Thailand to be honest. It will always work well for you to be a soft soul in Thailand. Brashness and arrogance will get you into trouble very quickly.

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