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Firstly everyone who is living in Thailand must know how to  wai to different people properly.

Wai - Thai greeting consists of slight bow and prayer like hands held to varying positions of your face.


The more respect you want to show, the higher you hold your hands.

For everyday normal use, your thumbs should be level with your chin.

For parents, teachers and older generations your thumbs should be level with your nose. 

For monks and Buddha your thumbs should be level with your eyebrows. 

General conversation 

Sawat dee krap - hello (Male)

Sawat dee ka - hello (Female)

Chai - yes

Mai chai - no

Pee - older

Nong - younger 

Krap (Male) - yes or acknowledgment you are listening

Ka (Female) - yes or acknowledgment you are listening  

Ja - yes (informal)

Pom - I (Male) also can use for 'me'

Dechan - I (Female) also can use for 'me'

Bhai - Go 

Bhai Nai - go where

Yu Tee Nai - where you at or where are you

Tee - at

Tur - you (INFORMAL and female)

Kao - you (informal and male)

Khun - you (formal and unisex) 

Poot - speak 

Dai - can

Mai dai - cannot 

Dee - good 

Mai dee - no good

Jai yen yen - literally means calm your heart, calm down, chill

Ting tong - crazy, idiot, silly. You can use jokingly 

Torlaer - strong meaning, means two faces and untrustworthy 

Ba - not so strong, also means crazy, stupid

Kao jai - understand

Fang - listen 

Muah - lie 

Iglael - again

Tee lang - after

Gon na - before

Kao - in 

Oke - out  (Oke Bai - Get out)

Tang oke - exit

Chok dee - good luck

Wan yut - holiday 

Wan gurd - birthday 

Wan pra - Buddha day    


Household items  


Pad lom - fan. This one I find funny because pad is blow and lom is wind so blow wind 55555

Toe ra sup - phone/ mobile 

Toe ra sup mue tue - mobile (Mue is hand and tue is holding)

Ban - house

Toera tat - TV

Suan - garden

Arb nam - shower or taking a shower

Hong nam - bathroom




Ruk - love 

Ruktur - love you 

Ruk Khun - love you 

Pom ruk khun - I love you

Jai - heart 

Muah - lie 

Kitteung - miss you

Pom kitteung khun Nang fa - I miss you my angel 

Pom Kitteung Khun Teerak - I miss you my darling 

Teerak - darling or my love  

Pakwan - cute/ sweet talk

Joob - kiss but usually said cutely as joob joob

Teang gnarn - marry 

Teang gnarn ghup chan - marry me  

Ghin hua - ghin is eat & hua is head so eat head. When your girl gives you shit for being out late drinking.


Pour - father 

Mere - mother

Pee - older

Nong - younger

Nong sau or pee sau - younger sister or older sister 

Nong chai or pee chai - younger brother or older brother 

Look nong or look pee - younger cousin or older cousin 

Loong - uncle

Bha - aunt

Krob Kruare - family
Taeng Ngarn - marry

Sin sod - dowry paid to daughters family

Food and eating 

Ghin - eat 

Kâao - rice

Moo - pork 

Gai - chicken

Pla - fish

Noura - beef

Goong - prawn 

Nam - water 

Nam yen - cold water 

Nam rawn - hot water 

Kâao pat - fried rice

Kâao pat gai - chicken fried rice

Kâao mun gau - chicken and rice

Imm - full

Heawl - hungry

Tom yum goong - seafood hot soup  

Nam blao - drinking water

Nam keang - ice

Nam tok - dark soup

Nam sai - clear soup

Nam khon - creamy soup like in tom yum goong  

Chon geaw or chok dee - cheers (chok dee is also good luck)

Takieb - chopstick

Tooaye - bowl (say it quickly for best pronunciation)

Jarn - plate

Som - fork

Meed - knife

Chorn - spoon

Moo krata - Thai BBQ (winning)

Soukee - Thai hotpot 

Nang thong thueng nang ta yon (Nang thong = belly skin, thueng = tight, Nang ta = eyelid, yon = loose / lower. Basically you ate so much your sleepy. 


Nao - cold 

Rawn - hot

Fon - rain (popular girls name)

Fon tok - rain

Nam too um - flood

Krunm - overcast 

Maek - cloud

Fa laep - lightning 

Fa rong - thunder 

Fa pa - lightning strike

Pra artit - sun

Pra jan - moon

Lom - wind 

Pan din wai - earthquake  



Sat - Animal 

Laeng - Monkey

Young - Mosquito 

Peetur - Cockroach 

Kwai - Buffalo

Moo - Pig 

Chang - Elephant  

Lizard - Chingchok 

Suea - Tiger 

Singto - Lion 

Nok - Bird 

Dakarp - Centipede

Travel and transport 

Rot fai - train

Rot mai - bus 

Rot - car 

Rot Motocye - Motorbike



Borisat - company 


Sabai - well or healthy

Mai sabai - unwell or unhealthy

Jep - hurt 

Jep kaa - leg pain  

Jep Tong - Stomach ache 

Rong phaya ban - hospital


One 1 - neung 

Two 2 - song 

Three 3 - sam

Four 4 - see

Five 5 - ha - why you will see 5555 as a substitute for haha/lol

Six 6 - hok

Seven 7 - jet

Eight 8 - bet

Nine 9 - gao 

Ten 10 - sip 

Twenty - yee sip

Eleven or twenty one etc - sip et or yee sip et

100 - neung roi

1000 neung pang 

10000 - neung meung 

100000 - neung sen 

1000000 - neung laan

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