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Pha Rom Yen Waterfall

Pha room yen waterfall (namtok) lies in the west of uthai thani province. a fairly mountainous region of low altitude but of great beauty and deep history. access to the waterfall trail end starts half way up an awesome mountain road. there is a small noticeable pull-off area on the left if your heading up or on the right if your ending down the mountain road. There is a small house and some tables and benches. There is a sign with a small shrine just before the trail entrance. both times i have been there, there has been no one there and i assume this waterfall is always free to enter.

after you pass the sign you follow a small trail downwards until you come to the stream of the waterfall. a nice shot looking up the stream to the small but attractive waterfall. after that you take some fairly precarious looking and feeling stairs up to the main waterfall. ok, so the stairs will feel a little wobbly and of course it wouldn't be could if they collapsed but as far as I inspected they seem secure...just very wobbly, i wouldn't run on them.

even with its close location to the main road, the waterfall trail feels quite isolated and the jungle scenery is really beautiful. There are some stunning views when you reach the top. you can look over the surrounding valley, up at the waterfall and then down through the waterfall valley. Once at the top you had two viewing points to enjoy, one just below the main waterfall or if you take some more stairs you can stand right under the waterfall and get some awesome pictures of the surrounding valley on the left side. always be careful of your step and never get too close to the edge but the surface actually has a lot of grip as it is limestone, just don't step on any green algae which will always be slippery. the sandy coloured stuff is the limestone and that has grip even when wet. please please always be careful though and get your balance and grip first before making any quick moves.

A really awesome waterfall, a definite in my book. it's a nice drive through some low lying mountains and the you really get isolation and pure nature without having to venture too far into the jungle.

An amazing hotel nearby is Avatarn Miracles. Other local attractions are Tapoen Khi Yai waterfall, the lauda air shrine, Tam Phu wai (phu wai cave) and chaloem rattanakosin national park to the south.

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