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Exploring Thailand and its people never gets boring and there is always somewhere new to go and always something new to learn. We hope we can offer a new perspective into this amazing and beautiful country that we call home. Our only wish  is that we spent more time seeing the real Thailand and it's people and less time caring about money and the social scene. Our advice to anyone who has just arrived or feels lost in Thailand, buy a car. Go and see the real Thailand, the small towns with their 70's main street architecture and their peoples originality, strength, humor and determination. The nicest Thai's we have ever met have been at the end of a dirt track, they will be as pleased to see you as you are them. Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, Pattaya is not Thailand, they are bubbles of modernism and modernism lacks originality and realism. On our travels into the darkest depths of Thailand, we are always met with two reactions by the locals; surprise and respect. Gaining someone's respect in a foreign land is what you should always be trying to achieve no matter what the social differences. I have learnt that real respect only comes from doing something that people think you are not capable of doing. So get out of your comfort zone, experience something you have never experienced or seen, it will build you into a better person and give you memories you never thought you would have.


Chris & May


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