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Tri Treung Waterfall & Tad Lod Yai Cave - Kanchanaburi

Elevation - Approximately 600 m

Elevation gain - Approximately 300m

Entry Coordinates - 14°39'39.0"N 99°18'14.8"E

Trail Length - Approximately 5km up and down

Time required - 2 hr for ascent & 2 hr for descent (This is taking your time, especially at the top)

Rope - Not needed as there are some stairs. Some sections are not perfect but seem stable.

Difficulty - Medium The trail is clear but quite steep as you get near the top. Some of the sections of wooden steps are in a poor condition but are still stable and safe as far as I can see.

Water intake - 2 litres per person and take a high protein snack

Guide needed - No but available.

4G - Mostly none.

Tri Treung Waterfall & Tad Lod Yai Cave is a special place that will force you to come back every year, I have been coming annually for years now. I think it is best to experience this waterfall during the rainy season. I usually come in June and July when there is a good water flow. Too much water can close waterfalls in Thailand for many days due to the risk of flash floods.

Tri Treung Waterfall & Tad Lod Yai Cave are part of Chaloemrattanakosin National Park in Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand. A really well kept and friendly national park and fairly near to some other attractions such as Erawan National Park and Sinakharin lake. The park also has two other waterfalls and a decent camping ground or bungalows.

The hike starts by walking through a cave on a made platform next to the stream from the waterfall. A couple of sections of the cave have low jutting rocks over the platform but in no way is this cave claustraphobic; I will add pictures below. I should definitely mention that there are bats in the cave but it is very unlikely they will pay any attention to you as you walk through.

Coming out of the cave is a magical experience. To come from a dark cave to a sudden flash of stunning colours is a great start to the hike and one of my favourite moments. If you are looking for a lush deep jungle experience , then this is the waterfall for you.

There are three main levels of the waterfall; They are simply described as Tri Treung 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Each level is better than the next. Whilst the 2nd and 3rd are on the grander side, the 1st level has an area where you can bathe. As I mentioned before, coming to waterfalls at the right time with regards to water level is really important in maximizing your day. Even if the waterfall remains open during high levels of water, some areas like the 1st level at Tri Treung, may not be open for bathing.

At the top of the hike/ waterfall there is a stunning cave with a few inlets, the waterfall stream running through it and a Buddhist shrine. It seems like heaven at times, especially If you reach the top and there is a wind. I will post a video below so you can get a feeling for just how awesome it is. This was obviously a lucky day and during the dozen or so times I have been coming here, I have only been lucky enough to have this a few days.

There is a temple and a monk retreat nearby but I do not think you are allowed or supposed to visit. It would be technically possible to do a full loop but the walk back around through the countryside would be about 25km with nothing special along the way other than farms.

A great day out which could definitely be done with a family in tail. Why not follow my yearly pilgrimage and stop for some great Pad Thai Giaw Grob here. Pad Thai Giaw Grob is Pad Thai but with plain crispy Wong Tong instead of those gross noodles. Trust me, you want to do this, you must do this, in fact if you don't do this, you will die incomplete and unhappy. It is only a few km out of your way and a great place to grab some food and take a break. The journey from most places in Bangkok is 3hrs either way. If you are up for some camping, stay the night at lake Lam Taphoen which has a beautiful sunset with a few restaurants and cafes.

Don't simply live in Thailand - live Thailand and live it the right way!

Some photos of the waterfall and the Lam Taphoen lake nearby.

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