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Coffee Havens Of Bangkok

If an idyllic coffee filled sanctuary is your idea of heaven, then bangkok certainly has you catered for. In and around bangkok are some truly gorgeous environments for you to sip down whatever tickles your fancy. The list below is in no particular order and I am sure it will forever be increasing.

Little tree garden café

Nakhon Pathom

Open everyday 09:00 - 18:00

Situated alongside the ta chin river in Nakhon Pathom in the west of bangkok, this is truly an oasis of chill and tranquility. A wide selection of coffees, juice smoothies, sweets and traditional thai meals, all of exceptional high quality and fair pricing.

Set on a large patch of riverside land which encompasses sporadic seating areas in a classic French garden with a dash of thai style. A large central pond sits by the main restaurant and café adorned with classic white metallic furniture. there are a few scattered shops selling clothing, small trinkets, Japanese ceramics and classic British bone china products; all encased in stunning glassed summer houses. A mangrove chill out area completes the scene with wooden decking, wicker rounded solar chairs with comfy cushions and tranquil music. Fans are scattered across the property and the extensive thick flora creates a shaded natural environment. A small riverside dock is hidden away by the ta chin with a couple of benches for you to contemplate life as the river flows onwards to the gulf of Thailand.

With such exposed raw nature, classic decor, harmonious tranquility and family style service, one finds it hard to leave. I first came here with my ex and even that 'emotional tragedy' 555, doesn't stop me from continuing to enjoy its vibes, its that good!

You can drive, take a taxi from Lak Song MRT blue line or a taxi from Wat Suwan train station. trains run from Thonburi and Hua Lamphong stations respectively but check which stations they stop at. as the crow flies, Wat Suwan is the closest station, but you may have to get on/ off at Sala Ya station. I think a trip on an old train, a stop off at the excellent Thonburi Sanam Luang 2 market, a recharge at at little tree and then a sunset walk in the vast Phuttamonthon park on Sai 4, would make an excellent way to spend a lazy Sunday. Phetkasem and all the Sai's have regular buses if you want to limit your taxi costs.


Jardin De Chaisri

Nakhon Pathom

Open everyday 09:30 - 17:30

Saturday and Sunday - 09:00 - 18:00

Nestled amongst a small community on the edge of bangkok lies this magnificent house which has been carefully restored to its former glory. The entrance has a cute gated entrance with some stepping stones over a small pond. This leads onto a glorious large pond with wooden framed thai style Sala's and viewpoints around its edge. In the distance lies the stunning traditional thai house with an airy ground floor seating area which looks out onto a rice paddy field. Beautiful antique distressed wooden framed French doors encase the main café with a small bar and cake display area and antique wooden furniture. The flooring is made up of chocolatey laterite with pebbled trim and warm terracotta in the seating areas. There are occasional planted sections and planted edges throughout the boundary.

The aura is historical and classic with some extremely elegant antique furniture and decor. I was lucky enough to visit once when the rice was in full bloom and it was absolutely stunning. The menu has a selection of great tasting coffees, sodas, teas, simple thai classic meals and some truly exquisite cakes and ice cream, which, although quite pricey, should definitely be experienced. I found the blue and white patterned crockery to be simple but effective and homely. I had a cappuccino and the blueberry cheesecake and they were of extremely high quality.

Weekends can be busy and usually I find the parking has spread out on the road which is very small. access is probably best by car but again if you fancy a real day of senses, why not take the old train from Hua Lamphong or Thonburi and get out at Wat Ngio Rai. I assume you would be able to get a grab taxi or a local bike from there.

Attractions close by include a beautiful iron railway bridge over the Tha Chin called, สะพานเสาวภาข้ามแม่น้ำท่าจีน. It was built in 1903 and is along the southern rail route and is one of a handful of beautiful iron bridges in Bangkok. I have and you are able to walk across the bridge on its side platform, quite the experience when a diesel powered train rolls through I can assure you. Around the corner is the Jesada Technik museum which is a dream come true for any car lover. To the south west lies a small town with a small market and some antique shops which for me are extremely over priced but nevertheless a nice gander at the very least.


The Artists House

Baan silapin

Open - Saturdays, Sundays and special holidays.

Located on the banks of khlong Bangkok Yai, this charming atmospheric gem is the best of both worlds. you get a chance to experience some Bangkok originality and to sip down a coffee whilst you watch the klong splash by. The house is a museum in itself with various pieces of thai art and artifacts. There is the stunning Phra Pagoda in the courtyard and there is a traditional thai puppet show at 14.30 with a ticket fee of 200baht starting from 17th October 2020. During the covid crisis there is currently a 50% discount for this show. As of October 2020, the Artists house is only open on Saturdays, Sundays and on special holidays.


appresso coffee house

Ratburana road

Open Monday to Friday 07.30 - 16.00

Open Saturday 09.00 - 16.00

Sunday and all major holidays - closed

A small but cool loft style coffee shop on Ratburana road near Kasikorn bank head office. A area not frequented too often and quite out of the way but with reward of a great coffee. I had a iced cappuccino (Cappuccino yen) and you have a choice of Thai coffee or special coffee. The special coffee was a brand I am not too familiar with called Maddog by P&F. The first sip was a little harsh but it blended further into a rich smooth aroma which was pleasantly refreshing and not too dry on the mouth.

The décor is classic loft style with a mix of wood, grey and metal. With two bar/ bar stool areas, a cool low bench with in-built tables and 3 large square tables, it is tight but not too tight. I came at lunch and stayed till closing; it seemed that most customers were just stopping by to pick up or not staying to long at all. Low hanging lights and low hanging fern plant baskets adorn the bars, a very cozy refreshing atmosphere indeed. There is a large TV that was playing Thai music; as much as I love Thai music, some chilled Lofi music would be more ideal and really set a great atmosphere for sipping your coffee down.

As I said, a little out of the way but definitely worth a visit if you are in the area and are tired of the normal Amazon or Starbucks coffee. It is definitely important that we support independent coffee houses because they each bring their own individual style and flavor. There is free WIFI, access to toilets and electrical sockets.


Wonder box coffee

Ratburana road (just after Bukkhalo junction before the small bridge)


It is exactly what they named it; wonder in a box, a coffee wonder that is. I came across this coffee van pulled up at the side of the road by chance and boy am I glad I did. To my utter delight they are making coffee the proper, and for me, the only way; using a Moka pot. The Moka pot was designed by an Italian called Alfonso Bialetti in 1933. It is named after the city of Moka in The Yemen. The Moka pot brews coffee by passing boiling water pressurised by steam through ground coffee.

Wonder box coffee is owned and run by a very sweet couple Boom and May. They really take their time with each brew insuring that what you are given is of the best quality. The converted van itself has a natural wooden style with trinkets adorning the fold down counter. There are two bar stools by the counter and if you are lucky to get a seat it is really cool to watch them in action and have a chat. They offer other smaller stools of which I took one, sat under a nearby tree in the sun and smoked a cigarette with their delicious cappuccino.

At 35baht for a hot Cappuccino you cannot go wrong; also try their signature drinks, I had the green tea infused with fresh coconut choice over ice . For me, places like this are not for takeaway, they are not for endless hours chilling whilst emotionally writing your novel; they are a quick stop for a caringly professionally made coffee, possibly a cigarette, a small chat and a soak of the environment. A brief pause from a chaotic day which will get you back on your feet and ready to face the rest of your day.

It is always pleasing to see a new small business being started by a nice young couple like Boom and May. It is not easy to start a business, there are many many stresses involved. These two seem to have a passion for making coffee and that is evident in the quality of their product and their charming characters. Even their loyalty stamp cards are small but printed on quality paper. We should all strive to be like this, to follow our passions and make our product the best we can, worry about the money later.


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